County Endowment Program

The 12 counties in our region each have a distinct character. Yet, all share a common wish— to preserve, maintain or improve our communities and our individual counties. What plans do we, as residents, have to make that wish a reality? What resources are available in each county to support local interests? What can we do now?

 Be a Matchmaker

Right now, each county has the opportunity to be a matchmaker. Each can bring people together to support local charitable needs and opportunities in their county—and retain local assets—for today and tomorrow. By pulling together to pool financial resources, each can create a County Endowment Fund AND get a match of up to $15,000 for its permanent fund!


Pike County did this as a pilot program with the Community Foundation. Several years ago, a few of the county’s residents began raising money to establish a Pike County Endowment Fund. As they did, others started to realize that a county endowment fund is a way to retain local assets. The Pike County Endowment Fund is a permanent resource that will support a broad range of charitable needs and opportunities in Pike County—for good, forever.

You’re invited to participate in the County Endowment Fund Match Initiative for your county. Why? Because you can effectively pool resources for community betterment and generate increased awareness of local needs and opportunities. You can do this to chart a plan for your county’s future.

The Community Foundation is acting on its mission to ‘Connect people who care with causes that matter in the tri-states’ by offering its assistance—and up to $15,000 in matching funds—to help create and develop county endowment funds. To help develop locally based philanthropy and leadership within each county. To keep local assets working for each county—permanently.

Each county will have its own local Fund Council, comprised of residents from the county. The Community Foundation will assist efforts to build the county endowments by offering its charitable status, investment experience and grant distribution services. It also offers its abilities to assist local donors in creating lasting legacies through a variety of giving options for each county. It provides valuable services to each county in its endeavor to be “The Perfect Match.”

To learn what is being done in your county, contact us.

Resources for Current County Match Participants:  

County Endowment Fund Council Resources