Donald P.W. Voth Fund

Voth Don (125 x 213)

This fund benefits Quincy Area Habitat for Humanity.

Don Voth believed in community.

Don Voth saw a need for housing and neighborhood redevelopment. He also did something about it.  He established the Donald P.W. Voth Fund in 2000 to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

“Habitat for Humanity accomplishes some very important things,” Don said in an interview after starting the fund. “It fills a need for people who need better housing. It cleans up some blight areas where these homes are built. It gets the parcel back into use and it helps the appearance of the whole town.”

Don was a well-known realtor and appraiser who began his career in 1953.  He served his community in numerous leadership roles. Don died August 27, 2005. However, his foresight in setting up an endowment fund with the Community Foundation means that his name will be linked forever with his belief in community, and the fund will provide a permanent source of support for Habitat. What’s more, anyone may make a gift to the fund and add to its impact.

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