Dr. Richard Eells House Fund

EELLS HOUSE (588 x 441)

Friends of the Dr. Richard Eells House (FDREH) was established in May, 1990 as an Illinois not-for-profit corporation to save and restore the nationally important and recognized Underground Railroad site at 415 Jersey Street in Quincy, Illinois. FDREH explores the case of Charley, a runaway slave from Missouri, who Eells assisted. Eells was arrested and convicted and the case involved Stephen Douglas and eventually reached the U.S. Supreme Court. FDREH also interprets the local abolitionist movement and Dr. Eells’ role, as well the story of early Quincy architecture and building techniques. The House was built in 1835 and it now features period furnishings.

Friends of the Dr. Richard Eells House established this fund with the Community Foundation to help garner the widest possible exposure to the community and to make it as easy as possible for donors to support the site with charitable donations.

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