Friends of the Castle Fund

VK with flowersBuilt in 1900 on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, for Quincy native and world traveler, W. George Metz, the Mediterranean-style Villa Kathrine is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Illinois Register of Historic Places, and Quincy Local Landmarks. George Behrensmeyer was the architect.

The Villa Kathrine, 532 Gardner Expressway, is Quincy’s Official Tourist Information Center and Great River Road Interpretive Center. It is also the home of the Quincy Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. In addition, it is open for educational tours and available for special events.

Friends of the Castle, Inc. was established in 1978 as a not-for-profit organization with the specific mission of saving the Villa Kathrine from demolition; restoring it to its original beauty; and preserving, maintaining and operating it as a community asset.

To effectively accomplish that mission, a Four Phase Plan was developed and completed.

Phase I was achieved in 1987 by stabilizing and restoring the exterior, and restoring the parlor for use.

Phase II was achieved in 1998 with restoration of the interior, including installation of a security and fire system.

Phase III was achieved in 2010 by acquiring appropriate furnishings and enhancements.

Phase IV was achieved in 2011 by establishing an Endowment Fund with the Community Foundation, to guarantee continued future earnings to help ensure this unique building will remain in restored condition for use and enjoyment by the people of Quincy and her visitors.

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