Jack W. Boge Fund

Jack Boge w painting (360 x 480) Jack Boge 1'20'06 (450 x 600)

This fund benefits Quincy Art Center & Quincy Society of Fine Arts

Jack W. Boge was born in 1923–the same year as the Quincy Art Center’s founding.

When both turned 80, Jack honored the Quincy Art Center with a gift in the form of an endowment at the Community Foundation.

“I contribute to the organizations I like, but this lets me make sure that when I pass on the funds will still be there to help,” Jack said.

In some ways, Jack feels his gift is repaying a lifelong debt. He started taking classes at the Quincy Art Center when he was in fourth grade. He had to get permission to get out of school early on Fridays so he could go to the Art Center.

”I always thought that was good . . . that the school recognized the importance of art and made the special provision,” Jack said.

A Quincy native, he earned his bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the Kansas City Art Institute respectively. He taught art in Wichita, Kansas for 37 years. He benefited from the metropolitan areas’ museums, art galleries and other resources. Yet, he never forgot his hometown.

When he retired in 1987, he returned to Quincy, immersing himself as a volunteer with several arts and community organizations.

In 2003, he established the Jack W. Boge Fund at the Community Foundation to support the Quincy Art Center and the Quincy Society of Fine Arts.

“Quincy is like an art colony. What Quincy has here . . . would not be found in most cities of this size,” Jack said.

Jack’s foresight allows others to enjoy the community’s arts and cultural legacy too.

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