Lowell & Vickie Glas

Glas V and LLowell and Vickie Glas did not want the impact that their community and the organizations in it have had on their lives to go unrecognized. The small towns and family farms that make up the area have made the Glases who they are.

Vickie spent her career at Moorman and ADM while Lowell made his career in sales and worked for more than 47 years at Modern Printing. Both feel that because Quincy and the surrounding area have given so much to them, it is important to give back now and into the future.

They decided to begin fulfilling their vision of giving back by creating the Lowell & Vickie Glas Designated Fund with the Community Foundation. The fund will annually provide support to organizations that have meant the most to them.

The Lowell & Vickie Glas Designated Fund is a legacy that will give back to the community they love now and for generations to come.

Anyone can make a gift to any fund at any time to help it grow. To make a gift to the Lowell and Vickie Glas Designated Fund, please click here.