Lucille Hollender Memorial Fund

THollender, Lucille (442 x 600)his fund benefits St. Francis Solanus School

Like so many who grow and leave their hometowns, Lucille Hollender’s six children have indelible memories of their childhood in Quincy. Some of their fondest and most unforgettable memories are those of Sunday mornings at St. Francis Catholic Church.

“Our mother marched us to church every Sunday,” said Gary Hollender, Lucille’s son.

“And sat us in the same bench,” added Pat Loethen, one of two daughters, prompting a series of comments and reminiscent laughter amongst the siblings.

“Our parents felt very strongly about the quality of our education and the environment in which we were raised,” said Linda Hull.

When their mother died in late 1998, they tried to decide how best to memorialize her and her commitment to her community. When an uncle suggested the Community Foundation, they decided that a fund to help St. Francis School would be the perfect way to honor their mother.

“We wanted to create a legacy for her and donate back into the community which had played such an important part in our upbringing,” said her son John Hollender.

“Mom would be pleased to know that her efforts to teach us to ‘give to others’ did not fall on deaf ears,” Linda added.

With the siblings scattered from Hong Kong to Texas and Colorado to Virginia, they agree that having the Community Foundation handle the fund has ensured that the Lucille Hollender Memorial Fund directly benefits the parish school and community that their mother loved. They hope that the fund and their action will help generations to come to develop fond memories of their own and perhaps, create a desire for others to give back to their community.

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