Quincy Public Schools Foundation Fund

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The Quincy Public Schools Foundation was created in 1988 as the Quincy Foundation for Quality Education to acquire and distribute financial and other resources for the enrichment of academic programs and for other projects aimed at fulfilling the mission of the Quincy Public School District.

The Quincy Public Schools Foundation will achieve its mission by directing support toward the following goals:

To promote student development by:

*Providing resources for additional educational enrichment activities for all students;

*Providing grants for students to pursue additional educational opportunities;

*Recognizing outstanding academic excellence;

*Supporting programs which provide additional opportunities for a variety of special needs students to succeed; and

*Providing family learning opportunities that will enhance student learning.

To promote excellence through creative teaching by:

*Supporting professional growth for all staff; and

*Providing resources for creative teaching ideas and programs.

To encourage school/community partnerships by:

*Promoting community awareness about school programs;

*Providing a means for individuals and organizations to share resources with schools to enhance learning;

*Providing an organization to facilitate cooperative ventures among the Quincy Public Schools Foundation, community groups, and the School District;

*Serving as an organization that promotes unity within Quincy School District 172.

The Quincy Public Schools Foundation encourages innovative pilot programs where educators can take ‘risks’ without a concern for failure. If these programs prove successful, it is the expectation that continued financial support would be sought from other sources. The Quincy Public Schools Foundation is not meant to replace traditional sources of funding for the schools.

The Quincy Public Schools Foundation Board concluded that the establishment and maintenance of a fund with the Community Foundation of the Quincy Area would provide yet another avenue for gifts from donors who wish to benefit education in the Quincy area. The Board also wanted to support the broader community approach to building resources for the future.

To learn more about Quincy Public Schools Foundation, visit their website at www.qpsfoundation.org

Anyone can make a gift to any fund at any time to help it grow. To make a gift to the Quincy Public Schools Foundation Fund, please click here.