Quincy Symphony Fund

QSO at Baldwin-22a (600 x 390)

The mission of the Quincy Symphony Orchestra Association (QSOA) is to bring fine symphonic orchestral and choral music to the people of Quincy and the surrounding area, to provide opportunities for local musicians to perform such music, and to create and support programs that encourage young musicians to continue fostering their interest and skills in symphonic and choral music. Founded in 1947, our purpose is to improve the quality of life for our community by providing programs that enrich our citizens and improve our society. Our music education programs for children develop higher-learning skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, while encouraging creativity, adaptability, and self-motivation.

The QSOA includes the Quincy Symphony Orchestra, Quincy Symphony Chorus,

Quincy Area Youth Orchestra, Quincy Area Youth Chorus, and Encore! Symphony Volunteer Council. Our performance season includes approximately 12 concerts from October to April.

The Quincy Symphony Orchestra and Chorus rehearse weekly. Musicians are from all walks of life…music and career professionals, teachers, students, retirees, farmers, homemakers, doctors. These musicians are truly a multi-generational group, with performers ranging in age from 16 to 90! The QSOA youth programs serve children from 3rd – 12thgrade, many from underserved rural areas surrounding Quincy.

The Quincy Symphony Orchestra, Chorus and youth programs impact a broad range of audiences and children from throughout the region. In addition to providing current audiences with enriching symphonic and choral performances, QSOA is cultivating future minds and musicians through our youth programs. We feel the Community Foundation Fund is an ideal instrument for area residents to support music and music development in our community for years to come.

Famous cellist Pablo Casals said, “Perhaps it is music that will save the world.” What better way to begin that process than to give the citizens of the Quincy area that which may make them better human beings.

To learn more about the Quincy Symphony, visit their website at  www.qsoa.org

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