YWCA – Quincy Fund

Portrait of four female friends sitting on a bench and smiling

Since 1905 the YWCA Quincy has provided vital services to women and children in the Quincy community. Currently they provide HUD Supportive Housing Program services for formerly homeless women with children. The Opening Doors, Providing Opportunities program offers families safe, furnished housing, along with Case Management services for referral and advocacy along with food, health care, life skills, addiction treatment, mental health counseling, parenting training and financial literacy education for women to build self-sufficiency in safe environments in which their families can thrive.

The YWCA’s comprehensive strategy includes finding ways to encourage a mother’s strengths while addressing her weaknesses by linking her to public benefits in place in the community and providing the support to realize her full potential.

The YWCA Quincy also partners with the Quincy Human Rights Commission to present the Many Voices, One Goal Study Circle on Racism Program in the community. Residents come together to learn more about one another’s life experiences, identify common goals, and develop strategies for eliminating racism.

The YWCA Quincy chose to open a fund in 2007 in response to Board member requests that in lieu of gifts or accolades (of which they already had many!), they would rather have their Board service commemorated via a donation to an endowment with the Community Foundation. After allocating a portion of a private bequest to starting the endowment they have since celebrated the work of women in the community by building the fund in this manner. In this way, they can ensure that the YWCA will continue to serve the community throughout the 21st century and beyond. They also celebrate their Woman of the Year in this manner and accept donations from the public to commemorate the women in their lives and support the work of one of the oldest women’s organization in the country.

The YWCA truly appreciates the Community Foundation’s ability to reach a larger audience of potential donors than one small organization can do alone. It is crucial to educate them about the organizations that contribute to the well-being of our community.

To learn more about the YWCA, visit their website at www.ywcaquincy.org

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