Anne Eldridge Huie Memorial Fund

Huie Anne Eldridge (392 x 600)

“She wanted to live here always.”

Joseph Huie wanted to honor the memory of the woman he had loved and shared his life with for 51 years.

To do so, he established the Anne Eldridge Huie Memorial Fund in 2004.

“I don’t know of any other organization with the mandate to maintain endowments and distribute them for the good of the community,” Joe said.

Although many local organizations offer their own endowments, the Community Foundation is the only organization that offers a broad range of options, types of funds, and the ability to name a fund. He also realized that while he could establish a fund through a financial planner, that option didn’t offer the specificity to benefit the local community.

“I look at the Community Foundation as a positive thing,” Joe said. “I’ve watched it from its beginning, and its expected longevity with a focus on the local community was a factor in my decision.”

The Huies, originally from New York, moved to Quincy in 1993.

“I had ‘retired’ once,” Joe said. He and Anne came to Quincy when asked to serve as general manager of the Harris Broadcast Division.

“Anne loved Quincy and wanted to live here always. When I retired in 1995, she said we should stay here in our retirement years.”

They did.

Anne passed away August 13, 2003 just 10 days prior to the couple’s 51st anniversary.

“Anne was a very kind person, always helping people and caring for those who were sick. She loved animals,” Joe said. “I established the Anne Eldridge Huie Memorial Fund to help support those organizations in Quincy which reflect her concerns.”

A wife’s love of a community, her husband’s dedication, and a shared belief in helping others have produced a legacy that will ensure local organizations are well served for years to come.


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