Architechnics/Anthony E. Crane Fund

Crane-Architechnics (600 x 361)

Tony Crane is an architect. He works with ideas and concepts, converting them into solid structures often designed with specific purposes. It may be that his experience and knowledge in his chosen profession had a bearing in his decision to establish a fund.

I like the concept of the Community Foundation,” said Tony. “It started with nothing and is already providing valuable resources for the future of the community. It demonstrates good stewardship and responsibility.”

Those factors led him to establish a fund to help strengthen the community and prepare it for the future. He said he hopes this gives back in some way to the community and region that have supported and nurtured the growth of our families and businesses. He wants the fund to assist community agencies and organizations that are on the “front lines” of addressing needs and providing essential services.

Tony’s a quiet person who rarely draws attention to himself, but he hopes his example will prompt others to establish or add to funds with the Community Foundation. He doesn’t expect attention for himself, but if given, he wants simply to be identified as one of those individuals and businesses that realized the importance of working together for the common good, and for goals that allow the community to grow and thrive way into the future.

Like the buildings he’s designed through skillful planning, Tony has laid the groundwork for impact that will last for generations.


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