Carthage Community Improvement Fund

An anonymous donor stepped forward to establish a fund for Carthage.

“The fund is very general in scope, no restrictions on the type of Carthage-area benefit. The grants are not restricted to purely Carthage either and, in some cases, might go outside the boundaries of Carthage,” said the donor in a written statement to the Community Foundation.

Funds for communities are about a sense of place—community pride and loyalty. It is about people who see the viability of their community, and who decide that viability is important enough that they voluntarily provide resources for its future. Now, the question that follows for others is, ‘What would you think about giving now or leaving a portion of the resources you’ve made from your community for your community?’”

This fund is a permanent endowment, and any person, organization, or business may add to the Carthage Community Improvement Fund at any time with gifts or bequests of any amount. Anyone who makes a gift to this fund is helping the community’s present while making an investment in its future.

Each year, a portion of the earnings from the fund is used to make grants and a portion is reinvested in the fund for continued growth, thus providing a permanent source of support for charitable causes in the community.


Anyone can make a gift to any fund at any time to help it grow. To make a gift to the Carthage Community Improvement Fund, please click here.