Gardner Denver Education Fund

GD LOCOMOTIVE COMPRESSORS (600 x 581) In 2005, Gardner Denver, Inc. committed $225,000 to establish the Gardner Denver Education Fund and $30,000 for Community Foundation operations.

“We believe that a strong community, with excellent educational opportunities for our employees and their families, is integral to our ability to attract and develop the human resource talent that we need to achieve our vision for growth,” said Ross Centanni, former Gardner Denver Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Therefore, we believe that this endowment is an important step to ensure the future success of Gardner Denver and the Quincy community.”

The Gardner Denver Education Fund provides resources to ensure that educational opportunities and a skilled and educated workforce are present for generations to come.

The Company’s additional provision for the Community Foundation’s operations demonstrated an understanding that such an investment enables the Community Foundation to provide the services, maintain infrastructure, and support management necessary to carry out its mission to provide resources for initiatiGD Quincy_corpHQ (600 x 449)ves to enhance lives in the tri-state communities.

Gardner Denver, founded in 1859 on the banks of the Mississippi River, is a leading international manufacturer of reciprocating, rotary and vane compressors, liquid ring pumps and blowers for various industrial, medical, environmental and transportation applications, pumps used in the petroleum and industrial markets, and other fluid transfer equipment serving chemical, petroleum and food industries.


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