The Green-Humphrey Family Fund for Music

Green, Jane Judson Sr (460 x 600)

Mr. and Mrs. Judson Green Sr.

Jay Humphrey

Jay Humphrey

Music has always been an essential element of the Green and Humphrey families. Judson Green, Sr., who spent most of his career as the Administrator of the Quincy Clinic, and Jane Green, who was active in numerous community organizations, encouraged their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to play and enjoy music in all its forms. Judson (aka Boppa) described himself as a very average trumpet player, but he clearly excelled at singing in barbershop quartets and leading campfire songs for thousands of scouts at Camp Saukenauk. Jane amazingly couldn’t carry a tune, but she professed she could keep time perfectly! She lovingly attended each of Jack and J’Ann’s piano lessons at the Pfeiffer School of Music on Maine Street in Quincy, and enthusiastically encouraged family sing-alongs.

In memory of Judson Sr., Jane and Jay, the Green-Humphrey Family Fund for Music primarily promotes and supports music and music education. It is the sincere hope of Jack, Joyce, Jamie and Julie Green, as well as Michael and J’Ann Humphrey, and Michelle Humphrey Bunch, that music forever thrives in our communities and brings joy and fulfillment to those who embrace it.

Michael and J’Ann Humphrey


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