Ty Rylander Fund

Ty Rylander
The Ty Rylander Fund was founded in memory of Ty Rylander, an agriculture business student at Western Illinois University and sports enthusiast who passed away suddenly at the age of 20.

Ty was known for his happy spirit and his willingness to help anyone in need. He loved agriculture and was active in the FFA and the AGS Fraternity at Western Illinois University. The youngest of the 4 children of Steve and Gina Rylander, Ty was the only son and was adored by his three older sisters, Erin, Kate and Abby. Ty had recently become an uncle to Cal Verbeck and was proud of his new role.

Pike County, Illinois was close to Ty’s heart. He loved taking Pittsfield High School students involved in FFA, basketball and football under his wing as well as kids who struggled with ADHD.

The Ty Rylander fund will serve to provide funding to organizations who help youth in need in his beloved hometown community of Pike County, Illinois.


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