Katherine Broemmel Endowment for the Arts

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Katherine R. Broemmel understood the impact of a legacy. At 27 years of age, she was the youngest person to date to plan for the establishment of an endowment with the Community Foundation.

Katherine planned the fund to benefit something she appreciated and loved—the arts. That appreciation and love were nurtured early and developed further when she played the flute, helped with sets for musicals, and played in both the orchestra and the marching band at Quincy High School.

When Katherine passed away unexpectedly early in 2006, just six years after declaring her charitable intent, her will established the Katherine Broemmel Endowment for the Arts, providing a means for supporting the arts in the community where she grew up. Her family and friends further ensured that her endowment would make a positive impact by contributing their generous donations to the fund as well. Her remarkable spirit of giving means the people in the community that Katherine loved will benefit from her generous legacy for years to come.


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