Raymond, Norbert, and Eleanor Rueter Fund

RueterEleanorIf you can’t read…

Eleanor Rueter was torn. She wanted to leave an inheritance for her family members. She also wanted to do something to help children who struggle in school.

How could she do both?

She learned about the Community Foundation and made a visit.

She believed she had a duty to her family. She also knew the struggle some children faced in school.

She was a straightforward woman who didn’t mince words. If you can’t read, you can’t do much of anything, she said. She made a decision. She met with her attorney. She made provisions for her family and established an endowment fund with the Community Foundation to help those children who struggle with learning.

The Raymond, Norbert and Eleanor Rueter Fund provides grants to help kindergarten through 12th grade students who have difficulty with reading and comprehension skills. Students must attend an Illinois school, public or private, in the Community Foundation’s geographic service area.

Eleanor Rueter found a way to take care of those she loved and those she would never know. Because of her, there are children in our communities with the opportunity for a more promising future.

Requests for funding which meet the charitable purpose of the Fund should be submitted online through the Community Foundation’s website. Grants will help with the costs of tutoring or specialized education primarily for, but not limited to, improving reading and comprehension skills for K-12 students whose insufficient skills are a source of difficulty in the student’s ability to make academic progress. Students must:

  1. demonstrate financial need,
  2. have academic performance that is one or more years below grade level,
  3. demonstrate willingness to make use of specialized assistance,
  4. preference to those applications in which student/parent/guardian provides a portion of the costs of tutoring or specialized education.

Grants will be made on an ongoing basis, as funds are available, to schools or their foundations. Grants are made at the discretion of the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors. Grants will be for a period of one-year and will NOT be paid to individuals.

Raymond, Norbert, and Eleanor Rueter Fund Application Instructions

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