D. Reaugh Broemmel Founding Executive Director Fund

The Community Foundation was established in November 1997 and hired its first executive director in March 1998.

Reaugh Broemmel’s leadership was instrumental in the Community Foundation’s early growth. During her four-year tenure, she worked with community leaders and not-for-profit organizations to establish nearly $500,000 through 30 funds to support arts and culture, community betterment, education, health, and human services.  During this time, the Community Foundation awarded $55,000 in competitive grants to 41 organizations in the area.

Board members appreciated her enthusiasm and dedication. Upon her retirement in late 2001, the Board honored her by establishing the D. Reaugh Broemmel Founding Executive Director Fund.

“Reaugh’s been tireless in her efforts to educate the board, the community, and the region about the philanthropic benefits of supporting the Community Foundation,” said then Chairman of the Board Ted Awerkamp.

The fund commemorates her contributions and, as an endowment, provides support for the Community Foundation’s work for generations to come.

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