Margaret J. Sinnock Fund

Sinnock Margaret J (451 x 600)

Margaret Sinnock probably did not view herself as a pioneer. We do.

In 1998, Margaret established her Community Foundation’s very first individual fund, paving the way for more to come. Although Margaret was never rich, she had worked hard in her lifetime and had always saved. Her financial advisor explained to Margaret how she could make a difference with her charitable gift.

“I like that the fund is endowed and promotes permanent support for the community as it grows,” Margaret said.

Thus, the Margaret J. Sinnock Fund was established with her Community Foundation and Margaret generously supported the fund through her estate. Because the fund is unrestricted, the money will go to where it is needed most in the 12-county tri-state region.


Anyone can make a gift to any fund at any time to help it grow. To make a gift to the Margaret J. Sinnock Fund, please click here.