Robert A. & Anne M. Mays Fund

Mays Bob and Anne (600 x 406)

Bob Mays was an entrepreneur. He was also a fourth generation Quincian who loved his community.

So, he was naturally intrigued when approached to serve on the board of the start-up Community Foundation.

“Starting a Community Foundation was long overdue,” Bob said. “People setting up funds to serve whatever charitable purposes they wanted was an excellent idea.”

The fact that the Community Foundation had no money did not daunt him.

“Anne and I do things jointly, and we take turns taking the lead. We discussed whether I would take the Board position, and I decided to accept. I knew that the corollary to accepting any board job is to provide financial support, so we decided to start a fund.”

Any regrets? “None,” both emphatically reply.

Community support is nothing new to Bob and Anne. Following service in the U.S. Navy in World War II and the Korean War, Bob returned to Quincy. Anne moved here from New Jersey years later. They met at church and married in 1969.

Bob’s commitment to First Union Congregational Church, Quincy Noon Kiwanis, several Masonic organizations, the Park Board, the Quincy Museum, real estate development, and the central business district spanned nearly six decades. Anne stood steadfastly by his side, always with a smile on her face—even when she was not sure he needed to pursue yet another venture.

“I’ve supported many causes and organizations over the years, often serving two to three years, helping to recruit good people, and then getting out, letting others lead the way. There are a few that I’ve remained dedicated to for many years. The Community Foundation’s concept (of building funds for current and future opportunities) is good, and I’d like to help encourage others to support it.”

Bob passed away in July 2011. Anne continues his legacy of community leadership and devotion to Quincy.

“We are blessed that four of our six children, 11 of our 16 grandchildren, and one great grandchild live in Quincy,” Anne said.

It is a safe assumption that Anne will continue to do all she can to ensure that the following generations of the Mays family carry on the commitment to their community.


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