Tax Advantages

Different gift vehicles provide various tax benefits. The chart outlines a few.

Life Income and Other Planned Gifts

Bequests and Lifetime Gifts     Life Income and Other Planned Gifts
Outright Gifts Gifts by     Will Disclaimers in Favor of Charity Gifts of Life Insurance Charitable Remainder Trusts QTIP Trusts Life Estates Charitable Lead Trusts Transferring Private Foundations
Time of Donation
During lifetime  x x  x  x x  x  x x
Upon death  x  x  x  x  x  x x  x
Upon beneficiary’s death x  x  x x  x
Form of Donation
 Cash  x  x  x  x x  x
 Securities x  x x  x x
 Real estate  x  x  x  x  x
 Life insurance  x  x
 Valued items x  x  x  x
 Form of Tax Benefit
 Income  x  x x  x x
 Estate  x x  x x  x x  x  x
 Capital gains  x  x
 Excise x

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