Russell and Annette Goehl Endowment

Russ Goehl just wanted to help people.

As an attorney for more than 55 years, Russ helped his clients navigate their legal concerns and mentored many people throughout his career. As a member of St. Anthony Catholic Church, Quincy Exchange Club, Knights of Columbus, and numerous other organizations, he helped countless members of his community through his dedicated service.

After Russ passed in 2017, his wife, Ann, and four daughters, wanted to ensure that Russ would continue helping people. Together, they turned to the Community Foundation to honor Russ’ legacy of community and family.

The Russ Goehl Family established an Acorn Fund to ultimately give back to the community in which Russ and Ann built a successful life, and family, together. Upon maturity, the Russell and Annette Goehl Endowment will become an unrestricted endowment, supporting charitable needs and opportunities throughout the Community Foundation’s 12-county service area.

Anyone can make a gift to any fund at any time to help it grow. To make a gift to the Russell and Annette Goehl Endowment, please click here.