Edward C. Hinkamper Fund for St. Francis Solanus School Students


Hinkamper CroppedEd Hinkamper knew he wanted to leave a legacy in Quincy to show his personal appreciation for a Catholic education.  In the spring of 2014, he met with the principal of St. Francis Solanus School about his desire to help students needing assistance with school, personal items of need or extra-curricular expenses offered by the school.

“I recall my original intent of giving in my will for such a purpose,” Ed said, and spoke with the school’s  principal who referred him to the Community Foundation.

“I decided (maybe the Holy Spirit said) ‘Do it now.’ After prayer and ‘sleeping on the issue,’ I have never regretted the decision,” Ed wrote in a letter after he established the fund in 2014. He has been pleased with his decision to start the fund while he can know what it is doing to help others rather than waiting to do it after his death.

“It somewhat answers my Christmas question, i.e. why can’t we help ‘a little bit’ all year and not just overflow on one day. I hope the beneficiaries appreciate the benefits.

“My desire for leaving a legacy in Quincy has been fulfilled,” he said. “None of it was my original plan. It seems that the Holy Spirit places the right ideas with the right people at the right time.

“I appreciate the assistance/advice of all involved. I am proud of and happy with all my decisions in this regard. I can quote from St. Francis of Assisi, in his final hour (in part) ‘ I have done my part…’”

Ed has spent his life serving others.

He joined the U.S. Navy Reserve, is a life member of the American Legion Post 37 and was a member of the Catholic War Veterans.

He retired after a 25-year career centered in child welfare social work.

Faith is important to him and he has served in numerous capacities in his parishes, plus 25 years in scouting including Boy Scout leader and scoutmaster, also Eucharistic Minister at Blessing Hospital, on the Quincy Deanery Pastoral Council, with the St. Elizabeth Fraternity of the Order of Friars Secular, Mass volunteer at Sycamore Health Care Center, was a charter member of the St. Francis Solanus Council, Knights of Columbus and is currently a member of council 583 and Fourth Degree Assembly 0200.

In addition, Ed’s been active with the Adams County Civil Defense Communications Unit, National Rifle Association, Adams County Chapter, American Red Cross, taught CPR classes via the Adams County Heart Association, was a graduate of the first EMT class and served on the Adams County Ambulance Advisory Board.

Ed graduated from Quincy College with a degree in Business Administration (accounting), attended University of Missouri-Graduate School of Social Work, and earned his Master of Arts Degree in Child, Family and Community Service from the University of Illinois-Springfield.

Anyone can make a gift to any fund at any time to help it grow. To make a gift to the Edward C. Hinkamper Fund for St. Francis Solanus School Students, please click here.