Sarah Christine Birsic Memorial Fund

Sarah BirsicIn 1998, with some trepidation, our little family of four arrived in Quincy. Behind us, in Pittsburgh, we had left a very large extended family, and the only home we had ever known, to start a new life in this much smaller, quaint Midwestern town. As one might expect, making a big change like that can come with difficulties, and it can be tough to find your way in a new place. That was not the case for Sarah! She truly took to this place, and her new life, and she came to love Quincy. In fact, she felt it was HER home. Sadly, her young life ended suddenly and her family and friends are now left with a tremendous hole in our hearts, and in our lives.

With her love of Quincy as our inspiration, we have established the Sarah Christine Birsic Memorial Fund, through the Community Foundation of the Quincy Area. It is our hope, that despite her young years, and the brevity of her time here, that we can channel her spirit and her memory to make a positive impact on the Quincy area that she so loved; for many, many years to come.

Our goal is for her fund to mainly support young women in need, helping them to realize their full potential. Sarah truly appreciated the gifts she had been given, and the opportunities that were opened to her by applying those gifts with hard work and dedication. Hopefully, in her memory, this fund can help other young women realize those same opportunities.

Sarah was born in Pittsburgh, PA, on July 6, 1987. After coming to Quincy, she was… a student, a cheerleader, a singer, a cashier, a manager, a HANDFUL, a college graduate, a Master of Sciences, a HR Administrator, and a lover of her dogs, Jersey and Ziggy. But above all, she was a sister, a beautiful DAUGHTER, and a loyal FRIEND. She died September 14, 2012. Truly, she is, and will always be, forever in our hearts.


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